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Rural Support Service

Jeff Russell is the Rural Support Worker at the Charleville Neighbourhood Centre.  The Rural Support Service provides support to vulnerable individuals who are experiencing or are affected by difficult personal issues and require access to support to assist their healing process, help them get their lives back on track and be able to manage their own lives.


The Rural Support Service provides specialised outreach support and knowledge of community resources, referrals and pathways to support and counsel individuals and families to achieve improved personal safety, enhanced sense of well-being, connection to appropriate services, reduced immediate financial stress, and increased overall resilience and self-reliance.

The Rural Support Service provides information, advice and referral that may assist a person to cope with challenges and make positive changes in their life where necessary, including addressing practical issues.  Referral to counselling services may also help clients to come to terms with a difficult situation and move forward with increased resilience. 


Jeff works at developing local interagency partnerships and capacity building within professional networks in the wider community to ensure an effective and efficient response to social impacts of rural living.


The Rural Support Service is a free and confidential outreach service covering the Murweh, Quilpie, Paroo, Bulloo and Barcoo Shires. 


Telephone:  (07) 4654 3935


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