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Home Maintenance Service

The Charleville Home Maintenance Service's goals are to maximise the quality of life, safety and independence of the target group and their carers; to prevent the premature or inappropriate long term institutionalisation of eligible clients; and to provide safe, secure and maintenance free environments to them.


The objectives of the service are to provide lawn and yard maintenance and house maintenance services that are health and safety related.


The Neighbourhood Centre provides the above services.




The Charleville Home Maintenance Service provides assistance to keep a client’s home in a safe and livable condition. Maintenance work generally relates to safety and access. For example, this may involve repairing a set of stairs that may not be safe.  Other maintenance work includes the repair and maintenance of a client’s home or yard.  Repairs are generally minor repairs such as changing light bulbs, replacing tap washers, the installation of smoke alarms and other safety adjustments.

Lawn Mowing


The Charleville Home Handyman Service provides lawn mowing, garden maintenance and the removal of rubbish to ensure the immediate surrounds of the clients home are safe and accessible. 


The Charleville Home Handyman Service charges a fee for its lawn mowing service.  In general there are no costs associated with maintenance services, although certain circumstances may incur a cost.

To be eligible for a service you must:


  • Be over 65 years of age; or

  • Have a moderate, severe or profound disability; or

  • Be caring for someone with the disability.


To be eligible for the Charleville Home Maintenance Service a person must also:


  • Reside at the address that the service is requested for.

  • Have no other person residing at this address who is not CHSP eligible.

For more information on where to register contact Jessica Heinemann.



Telephone:  (07) 4654 1307


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