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StepUp Loans

StepUp is a low interest loan for people on low incomes who have difficulty accessing credit from a bank.

StepUp is a not-for-profit initiative between Good Shepherd Microfinance and National Australia Bank (NAB) who provides money for the loans.

StepUp is delivered by Microfinance Workers based in local community organisations.  They will assist applicants to collect documents required for assessment and complete the application.

You can borrow from $800-$3,000 with up to three years to pay it back, and there are no fees.

To be eligible to apply for a StepUp Loan you must:

  • Hold a current Centrelink Health Care Card; or Pension Card; or Qualify for Family Tax Benefit A.

  • Have lived at your current address for more than three months.

A credit check is required when applying for a StepUp Loan and this can be discussed further with a Microfinance Worker when you enquire.

Loans can be used for items such as:

  • White goods

  • Furniture

  • Computers

  • Medical Expenses

  • Vocational Education

  • Second Hand Cars or Repairs

StepUp Loans cannot be used for cash, debt consolidation, holidays or bills.

For more information please contact:

Angela Young on (07) 4654 1411 or 

Further information is also available on the StepUp Loan website



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