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Junior Soccer

The Charleville Junior Soccer  program runs through the winter months and goes beyond the game, weaving physical health and social skills into a fun, activity-based curriculum.


Young chlidren aged 5-15, girls and boys, are encouraged to join to give them the earliest possible access to skills they need to lead healthy, productive lives.


Our volunteer instructors teach through activity-based games that empower children by helping them experience, practice and acquire new healthy habits, attitudes and social skills, while they play the game.

Sessions take place at the Charleville Soccer Oval in Baker Street in a fun, safe environment after school, at times that parents support and when children can most fully participate. 

There is a Join up fee and all sessions after are free. Each child is actively involved in these sessions, regardless of his or her initial skills.  Girls are encouraged to play and learn together with boys. Every time children play the game, they also learn health and social skills and transfer what they learn from the weekly sessions into their daily lives, homes and communities by practicing and sharing new skills with friends and family.

For more information phone  (07) 4654 1307

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