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Charleville Theatre Company

The Charleville Theatre Company was formed to offer an outlet for creative energy for locals interested in the performing arts. It is still a relatively small group of people from various walks of life ranging in age from seniors down to high school students.  They have been lucky enough to have the services of a professional Director in Karen Crone for the past 3 years which has proved to be extremely beneficial.

2012 -  Dimboola 

Dimboola is a celebration of the wedding of Morrie McAdam—a Protestant, to Reen Delaney—a Catholic in the Mechanics' Institute Hall in Dimboola, Victoria. No holds are barred as the two families come together for the wedding which Jack Hibberd calls: "the testing of strengths of the newly conjugated tribes". The family members try to preserve social grace and dignity in the face of impending disasters. And disasters there are aplenty! After the drink has flowed a little too freely, mayhem and humour ensues when the families exchange insults and punches, as they resolve to come to terms with the situation.



2013 - The Outback Debutant Ball

The local line dancers are annoyed, because the hall committee have cancelled their regular practice session. Government funding has been obtained, to pay a visiting director, from the city, to teach a group of debutantes the finer arts of grooming, deportment, dress and dancing. The committee plan to impress a visiting member of Parliament by demonstrating that the hall is mainly used for arts and cultural events, in order to apply for more arts funding to help repair the old building. The original grant is conditional on there being at least six debutantes to be presented. This stipulation, of course, includes six male partners for the debutantes.


The committee have three local would-be social society debutantes, but they need to convince at least three of the line dancers to become debs...... And find six jackaroos willing to wear dinner suits and learn to dance the Minuet. Debutante frocks and dinner suits have to be ordered from the city. The ball has to be planned to perfection to impress the member of Parliament. Of course, things never go as planned. Murphy’s Law of the Outback applies and everything goes wrong...

The hilarious efforts of the committee, and some of the local characters, as they set about overcoming seemingly impossible obstacles to achieve their objective demonstrates the tenacity and ingenuity of outback folk at their indomitable best.

2014 - Cinderella

Considered by many to be the most perfect pantomime of all, "Cinderella" proved to be  a popular title and was a guaranteed success.

This version centres around Buttons who is the servant of Cinderella's father, Baron Hardup, and is Cinderella's friend. He is in love with Cinderella and is constantly trying to express his feelings to her, only for her to remain unaware of his love for her - she simply replies she loves him only as the brother she never had.

Buttons is a strong comedy part and he tells many jokes to keep the audience amused and to cheer up the mistreated Cinderella. Often these jokes are insults directed at Cinderella’s two Ugly Stepsisters, Mona and Grizelda, who are vain, stupid and spiteful rather than bad, which infuriates them even more.

Of course in every story Cinderella meets and marries her Prince Charming and lives happily ever after.



The Charleville Theatre Company is always on the lookout for new talent and assistance.  If you have time on your hands, bring your hands to us and we will find a use for them! We appreciate actors, actresses, those with creative flair, someone who is just happy to show up and help out, even if they do not wish to "be a star"!  There is a role for everyone and everyone gets a role….or two …. or even three!



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